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Drew to be signed by sox

So, after talk about the New York Mets upgrading at shortstop this off-season, the possibility of Stephen Drew being that upgrade appears less likely, as word is he will re-sign with the Boston Red Sox.

As reported by John Heyman, the Twins, Bluejays, Athletics are also considering Drew. But, the RedSox see their future third baseman as Xander Bogaerts and are willing to sign Drew to a multi year deal to play shortstop.

So my month long optimism seems to be for naught. And going into the 2014 season with Tejada as the shortstop on a team that struggles to score, doesn’t inspire confidence in Mets’ fans either.

Alderson thinks its a Joke?

Published by Keith Gendron
Sandy Alderson had the line of the night at the annual New York chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner at the New York Hilton…again. Last year at the same gathering he made reference about the “talent” level of the outfield or the lack there of. Last night ,in reference to the Yankees signing Tanaka and the Mets signing of Matsuzaka he stated, “We each signed Japanese pitchers this week,” Alderson said. “They’re paying $155 million and we’re paying our guy month to month.”
I can feel for him that even as money conscious as he is and trying to get as much as he can from the talent the team has, that he is probably even frustrated that he has his hands tied. I mean, how much longer until he gets a veteran relief arm here. Or, how about that Stephen Drew guy? I don’t mind if it takes some more time with Drew, but you better not lose him out to someone else…say the Yankees! The Yankees have retooled their whole team and look like they have what it takes to return to the top of their division. I can certainly see the Yankees just, ya know..adding Drew as well, because well…they WANT him and are serious in getting to the postseason again.
Last week the Mets supposedly lost out on acquiring, Grant Balfour but offered similar money to the 2 yr/12 million he got from Tampa. So if its true that their is some money left, lets INVEST IT into the team and your fans. Chances are that the Mets will be off the hook for Colons second year of his 2 yr/20 million as I can see him being traded away in August. Chris Young’s 7.25 million is just for this year, so lets get Drew an upgrade to Tejada and get the veteran bullpen arm(kevin gregg, francisco rodriguez etc).

Mets Rumors : Stephen Drew….The Wait Continues

Updated January 10, 2014…Still no word on the Drew front. The Mets have said publicly that they are prepared to go into the season with Ruben Tejada as their shortstop, but as time progresses the idea of bringing in Stephen Drew becomes more of a possibility. The market is small and therefore his demands must shrink as well. The Mets may just be able to get him for 1 year at 10 million with an option, as they can gaurantee him playing time as the starting shortstop, which he wouldn’t be if he resigned in Boston.
In another 28 hours 2014 will be upon us. At the moment, the New York Mets are still in contact with Scott Boras about free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. Word is the Mets approach is similar to that of last years toward Michael Bourne who eventually signed with the Cleveland Indians. Either New York is being smart and wearing their poker face as evidenced in their new stance on Ruben Tejada. J.P. Ricciardi and the Mets brass appear satisfied 
in staying pat going into the new season with Tejada as their opening day shortstop. I think the Mets should seriously, look to pounce on signing Drew and have Tejada as a backup. For one, he gives the Mets a little more pop in the lineup and secondly any commitment to him will be short term. Granted he has been injured often the past 2-1/2 seasons, but when healthy is a substantial upgrade in the lineup over Tejada and would do well at a home field such as Citi.
If Boston only offers one year, the Mets wont be bogged down and strapped with a long term contract if they offer 2. If I thought they were looking for an upgrade at SS via a trade that would be fine. Any of the young prospect shortstops in Arizona will cost the Mets young arms and they have only had interest in getting a young pitcher back for Ike Davis and rumors have cooled on Daniel Murphy being offered. I think depending on the lineup, sliding Drew ahead of D’arnaud either 6th or 7th gives the Mets another dimension and if they want to be taken seriously in their division, can not go into the season without the upgrade.