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Mets to commemorate Kiner and other notes

published Keith Gendron

Kiner Remembered:

The Mets will commemorate Ralph Kiner’s fifty years as their broadcaster, with a patch displayed on the right shoulder of their jersey this year. On opening day at citifield there will also be a tribute unveiled upon the left field wall bearing the logo as well. The Mets have also said there will be an exhibit entitled, “Kiner’s Korner” to be located within Jackie Robinson rotunda.

Harvey arrives in camp:

Matt Harvey arrived at Port St. Lucie, Fla. complex today. Soon after, coming to terms that this spring training will be different. As much as Harvey wants to progress his throwing and rehab program, the Mets brass are hearing none of it. Thinking of the long term health for Harvey and that they and the doctors will be calling the shots on when and how fast he advances. Alderson has said on more than one occasion that this year is NOT about Matt Harvey, but about 2014 and how this team can succeed with the players available on the roster. He is not going to answer questions on a daily basis on Matt Harvey’s progress on rehab and when he will be available to return.

On the Tommy John surgery rehab front, Jeremy Hefner who had the surgery to his pitching arm roughly 2 months earlier than Harvey, has been cleared to begin tossing a baseball. Hefner was 4-8 4.34 era last season with 99 strikeouts in 130.2 innings walking 37.

Valverde always wanted to play in NY:

As per Mike Puma of the NY Post, Jose Valverde says, “New York is awesome. I can go shopping every morning.” If not for his agent Scott Boras, would have signed with the Mets last year but was steered to Detroit.

Ike Davis:

Ike has been hitting since November, to eliminate his sluggish starts to the season. He spent many hours going through video and uncovered an issue with his swing that was not addressed last year. To me, this sounds all positive. I was looking all last fall for information on whether or not Ike was doing anything to get back to where he was a few years ago and to eliminate the bad habits he picked up. He also has said that he wants to be the Mets first baseman. All these things I was hoping to hear. We won’t know what it translates to, but he has the right attitude and seemed self motivated to recapture what he had lost. I look for Davis to return close to form and was glad he wasn’t traded, because he is young(26), talented, he had shown he could perform at this level previously and that he was inexpensive. Not to mention how many times teams give up on young talent too soon and they rediscover the promise and talent elsewhere.

Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner passes at 91

published by Keith Gendron
The long time broadcaster of the New York Mets and Hall of Fame slugger, Ralph Kiner passed away today of natural causes.
Part of the original trio in 1962, along with Lindsey Nelson and Bob Murphy, Kiner was the voice coming from the perspective of a former ballplayer. His signature homerun call was, ” It’s going , it’s going, it is gone good-bye!” . He was a power hitting, pull hitter(hence, Kiner’s Korner) that led the league in homeruns 7 consecutive seasons, playing for perrenial loser the Pittsburgh Pirates(1946-53), Chicago Cubs(’53-’54) and Cleveland Indians(1955). He also served as a U.S. Navy pilot in World War II.
Along with broadcasting the Mets, he had a postgame show known as”Kiner’s Korner”, where he interviewed ballplayers from the winning team, which at that time was mostly the visiting team. From Roberto Clemente to Pete Rose, he was a pioneer in bringing live interviews with professional baseball stars into your living room, at a time before the internet, wifi and smartphones. He was a great story teller, who also had a history of dating hollywood women such as Elizabeth Taylor and  Janet Leigh to name a few. He was an early example, that chicks dig the long ball.
In a 10 year career, he totaled 369 homeruns, 1015 rbi and .279 batting average. As a player he never played in a world series, but, in 50 years of broadcasting  he did get to experience Mets championships in 1969 and 1986.
I have been a Mets fan since I was five years old. And knowing he wont be apart of my summer this year for the first time in 40 years, puts a hole in my heart that bleeds orange and blue.
His wit and wealth of experiences and knowledge of baseball, will be sorley missed as he was one of the last connections back to baseball from 70 years ago…..another era, seemingly light years ago. Mets fans everywhere, will tell stories of him to their children. For his dedication to the organization, it would be well served, if the Mets dedicated their season to him.