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Mejia on display for Diamondbacks

published by Keith Gendron                              March 15, 2014.


Although, I am a fan of Jenrry Mejia and hoped he would get a serious audition for the fifth spot in the New York Mets rotation in 2014, the possibility exists his time may be up in Flushing. He has only pitched 2 innings thus far this spring training with a scheduled start tomorrow afternoon. Appearing with the Vegas squad tomorrow afternoon in the second game of this 2 game exhibition series vs. the Chicago Cubs. But, with the Mets apparent dire need of a shortstop and the Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training home relatively nearby, my thinking is that Mejia may be auditioning for them as part of a package deal. The Diamondbacks have young talented shortstops in Chris Owings and Didi Gregorius. I know their interest is also getting a catcher and so possibly along with Mejia, Kevin Plawecki may get the deal accomplished. Gregorius is a left handed batting, throws right with some pop and 100 games of major league experience. Owings has shown pop throughout minor league career, throws and bats right with stolen base ability.

Chris Owings

Didi Gregorius


The Mets do not seem like they are inclined to offer their prospects for Nick Franklin because his range and arm for a major league shortstop is suspect although his bat is good. The Stephen Drew saga appears to have drawn to a close with the Mets not willing to spend a dime. So, I am assuming this may be their plan to bring a young shortstop. You have to give to get and if it fills a need, I can support the move….just wished they had saved that Colon money for Drew in December though.

Here are baseball reference comparables of the two shortstops.