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Parnell out with MCL tear


Published by Keith Gendron

As per multiple sources, Mets closer Bobby Parnell was diagnosed with a partial medial collateral ligament tear in his pitching elbow this morning via MRI. He is prescribed 2 weeks rest and has been injected with a platelet-rich plasma injection, as an option to expedite healing and hopefully delay a surgical route.
In the mean time I suppose Jose Valverde will get the opportunity to close and either the Mets recall Vic Black for the bullpen or recall Dice-K and move Mejia to bullpen temporarily.
Sandy Alderson will comment on the situation tomorrow.

METBLOGFEVER: Are the Mets wildcard worthy?

published by Keith Gendron                                      March 27, 2014.


There are 4 days left until the home opener to the 2014 season at Citifield versus the Washington Nationals. This spring training seemed to last forever. Two exhibition games at the old Olympic Stadium in Montreal against the Toronto Blue jays and an off day remain. Hopefully there will be no casualties during the series, in an attempt to draw baseball back to Montreal, an old division rival, Montreal Expos(now Washington Nationals).

But enough talk of exhibitions and games that don’t count. Lets do this already. The 2014 Mets will have new additions Bartolo Colon, Curtis Granderson and Chris Young, along with Jose Valverde. Gone for 2014 is Matt Harvey as he recoups from Tommy John surgery. Ruben Tejada is the shortstop for the time being and Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are both on the roster as well. The shortstop issue was not addressed as Stephen Drew has been dangling for months with no takers. I am assuming Ike Davis will be the left-handed complement to Josh Satin as Duda is a late inning bat off the bench and designated hitter, getting occasional starts at first base. Daniel Murphy survived trade rumors as well and now entering his prime, I expect even more production from him. David Wright should benefit the most from the Granderson signing offering him protection he hasn’t had since the second half of 2012. Wright needs to be healthy this year, along with Davis if their are any designs on reaching the post-season. Travis d’Arnaud will be playing his first full season in the Majors and I hope he just focuses on defense and managing the pitching staff and let the hitting just come. This year will be about constantly making adjustments in a league that overwhelmed him last September. Chris Young bouncing back and being productive again would solidify the lineup as a right handed power threat and he plays good defense as well. Eric Young Jr. hopefully buys in to pitch selection and getting on base more in order to cause havoc as a base stealer. Granderson should hit 25-30 homers this year and his presence trickles down to Wright and Murphy. He strikes out a ton as does half the lineup, but a power bat will also drive in runs. Juan Lagares is their best defender in the outfield, but I dont know if he gets bumped off the roster or not. I hope he gets an opportunity as the pitchers can relax when a ball is hit in the gaps with  out there.

The rotation is pretty good with Gee, Colon, Wheeler, Matsuzaka or Mejia and Niese. The reserves Syndergaard and Montero will be up in July and will excite the crowd. Colon’s condition worries me and I expect some sort of hamstring or leg injury when he has to run the bases. The bullpen is questionable. Parnell still recovering from neck surgery has pitched well in spring training, but he is still trying to build velocity. Vic Black was optioned to the minors to work on his mechanics and will hopefully be back in a few weeks. Valverde will be the set up man for now and spell Parnell early in the season on occasion. Jeurys Familia has pitched better in a limited sample this spring and Lannan has been added to the roster as a reliever. The rest are not that remarkable and hopefully can bridge the gap successfully.

The schedule will be tough in April facing playoff caliber teams in Washington, Atlanta, Arizona, Cincinnati and the Los Angeles Angels. Do the Mets have enough to make the post-season? Well, a lot has to go right. The chances of them all happening between health and career resurgences, I as a fan will say Yes!!! but as an analytical student of the game I say NO.

As far as what i project the positions of the National League East in 2014

Washington      95-67

Atlanta               85-77

Mets                  78-84

Miami                 70-92

Philadelphia       70-92

Nothing expert about this….I like to go against conventional wisdom at times and this appears to be what everyone that isn’t a Mets fan is predicting. I hope I am wrong, for the Mets and My sake, It would make  for one Hell Of A Season. Believe me, I will be watching every game this year, hoping for a hot start and some great individual contributions to get them to the Post-Season for the first time since 2006! It is about time and has been way too long!

METBLOGFEVER: Mets will be tested early

published by Keith Gendron     March 23, 2014.
With the 2014 Mets season 8 days away, fans and players are eager for the games to count. For the Mets it may be coming at the perfect time as players are recovering from some injuries and starting to hit their stride. The offense has produced 19 runs the past two games and players such as Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, Travis d’Arnaud and even Ruben Tejada appear to be rounding in to form.
Well, for this team to have any chance to contend for the post-season this year, along with all 25 player’s contributions and creating a home field advantage at Citifield, the Mets will be tested early and often in the month of April. I would suggest if they can come out of April with a .500 record, then that would be a positive. After opening the season with a homestand against the Nationals and Cincinnati Reds, they will travel down to Atlanta for 3 (never easy), Los Angeles to face the Angels for 3 games and then Arizona for 3. That is a relentless schedule to start and their bats better be at their best. Coming back home after that road trip they play Atlanta for 3, St. Louis for 4, Miami for 2 and a 2 game series in Philadelphia to close out the month.
Easy? not at all. But, the challenge may provide a mentality early on in the season to be at their best and that the standard and focus of play needs to be high. Hopefully, they come out of it alright and can carry that mentality throughout the season and see where the chips lie at the end. But, for now they must play out their string of exhibition games and hope players get stronger and no injuries occur this last week of spring training.


To see the APRIL 2014 schedule click the link below


Down goes Niese, again

published by Keith Gendron       March 16, 2014.


During todays exhibition game against the Cardinals, Mets lefthander Jon Niese, left the game with elbow discomfort. During his 2 innings he pitched 2 innings giving up 2 runs on 3 hits and walking 1, striking out 1. This is becoming common place for the 27 year-old as he is trying to recover from  scapula weakness, due to improper rehab this past off-season. He stated a week ago on SNY, that he neglected to strengthen the scapula area and only concentrated on the rotator cuff muscles. Since he has been throwing while trying to strengthen the scapula area in such a short amount of time, I am suggesting this elbow discomfort has been caused by overcompensation of his shoulder area generally, and scapula more specifically. Again, who the blame falls on is either the trainers or Niese’s work ethic regarding his rehab. But, to say Niese will take the mound in 15 days to pitch opening day at Citifield against the Nationals looks bleak as he heads back to New York for his 2nd MRI this spring. This injury may also be the break that Jenrry Mejia has been awaiting, if Niese has to start the season on the disabled list.

Also, the news that Diamondbacks ace, Patrick Corbin may now miss the 2014 season due to a tear in his ulnar collateral ligament, could put the Mets in better position in grabbing either of Arizona’s young shortstops without giving up as much. I think Chris Owings is the preferred shortstop of the Mets, but before this injury to Corbin it seemed that Arizona was looking to go with him as their everyday shortstop of the future. Stay tuned to see how this all progresses.

Mejia on display for Diamondbacks

published by Keith Gendron                              March 15, 2014.


Although, I am a fan of Jenrry Mejia and hoped he would get a serious audition for the fifth spot in the New York Mets rotation in 2014, the possibility exists his time may be up in Flushing. He has only pitched 2 innings thus far this spring training with a scheduled start tomorrow afternoon. Appearing with the Vegas squad tomorrow afternoon in the second game of this 2 game exhibition series vs. the Chicago Cubs. But, with the Mets apparent dire need of a shortstop and the Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training home relatively nearby, my thinking is that Mejia may be auditioning for them as part of a package deal. The Diamondbacks have young talented shortstops in Chris Owings and Didi Gregorius. I know their interest is also getting a catcher and so possibly along with Mejia, Kevin Plawecki may get the deal accomplished. Gregorius is a left handed batting, throws right with some pop and 100 games of major league experience. Owings has shown pop throughout minor league career, throws and bats right with stolen base ability.

Chris Owings

Didi Gregorius


The Mets do not seem like they are inclined to offer their prospects for Nick Franklin because his range and arm for a major league shortstop is suspect although his bat is good. The Stephen Drew saga appears to have drawn to a close with the Mets not willing to spend a dime. So, I am assuming this may be their plan to bring a young shortstop. You have to give to get and if it fills a need, I can support the move….just wished they had saved that Colon money for Drew in December though.

Here are baseball reference comparables of the two shortstops.




METS success has to begin at Home

March 2, 2014 published by Keith Gendron

The home opener for the 2014 Mets vs. the Washington Nationals is Monday, March 31 at 1:10pm. As much as it is nice to win the home opener, it isn’t critical if the home team loses. But, besides the pomp and circumstance that revolves around Opening day, it is important for the Mets to play better at home this year. The Mets have a great opening day record all-time at 32-20, 1-2 in March and 1-1 against the Nationals. So, for what it’s worth it would be nice for the Mets to learn to make Citifield an advantage to them. I mean all good teams take advantage of home games. You don’t see playoff teams struggling to play .500 at home.The familiarity of playing half their games at the same field, and sleeping in their own beds favors the host. The first two years of Citifield’s existence the Mets played well at home, as they had at Shea Stadium. In 2009 they won 41 of their 70 games at home. Again in 2010, they improved on that number winning 47 home games of their 79 win total. If they had only, played ,500 ball on the road that year they could have won 88. But, since that season their winning at home and overall has trended downward. In that same period they have played 1 game above ,500 on the road. Last year, their poor 33-48 home record was attributed to meager hitting(.219) derived from poor pitch selection and hence, horrible on base percentage. They have a much more athletic outfield this year. This coupled with good pitching at home should begin to turn the trend around. As much as the organization is trying to drill the concept of batting in hitter’s counts and not giving away at bats, it has to be put in practice and should be their mantra through out the season. Now, that the team has added professional hitters and will have some young,legitimate pitching talent for years to come, the Mets have to turn it around at home in order to finally return to October baseball.

Alderson: Mets should win 90 games in 2014

published by Keith Gendron

It was reported by multiple sources in the media today that Mets’ GM, Sandy Alderson proclaimed the Metsies to win 90 games this season. Unless, he has some last minute signings or tricks up his sleeve, I will assume this proclamation is for the presently constituted 2014 team. Although, Alderson is usually measured in most things he says, he didn’t make these comments to the media, but rather team brass. Where in fact it was also stated that Jeff Wilpon said, “They better win 90”. Is this because Mets’ ownership thinks they broke open the bank this year and set spending records for a franchise in major league baseball ? Truth is they did do some spending this year as they tried to address some of their flaws in outfield defense, power and a veteran starting pitcher to cover the Harvey void. Was it enough to have this team jump to a 16 game improvement over last season? Probably not. They would have to remain healthy and get a few player’s to turn around their careers. I do think this team may finish at .500 for the first time since 2008, though. Which would be an improvement of 6 games from last year.

But do you remember the 2006 San diego Padres? No, me either. That team won their division in 2005 at 82-80. In the winter of 2006, Sports Illustrated along with other experts(?)picked the Padres to finish 3rd behind the Dodgers and Giants. They brought in some older position players Mike Piazza,37 yrs old, Mike Cameron, 33 and Vinny Castilla, 38. I wouldn’t expect much from that group either, especially a 37 year old catcher to join the likes of 35 year old Ryan Klesko, Brian Giles 35 and outfielder, Dave Roberts, 34(who still relied on his speed). They had an ace in Jake Peavy, followed by a rather not-so-glamorous 2 through 5 in the rotation. They did still have Trevor Hoffman, if they would even need to rely on him that much. I mean they had a geriatric lineup, filled with players past their prime and for the most part a no-name rotation.

Now, the 2014 edition of the Mets is far from old and in recent years far from talented. But, their are similarities between the two teams, that could make for an argument that the Mets could be playing meaningful games in September and possibly further. You see, that 2006 Padres team won their division again by finishing 88-74. Their offense was far from explosive….or youthful, but that mediocre pitching staff finished first in the league with a 3.87 era. Their defense ranked 13th in all of baseball in errors, so that was mediocre as well. Both teams play in ballparks favoring pitching. The Mets have an experienced staff in Colon, Niese, Gee and if necessary Lannan and Matsuzaka. Zach Wheeler will hopefully continue growth. He seems to have the makeup and talent to be an ace or a number 2. This along with Mejia showing last seasons display isn’t a fluke and the debuts of Syndergaard and Montero has Mets fans excited! This staff can be great for years to come. The Mets outfield defense is greatly improved with the additions of Chris Young and Curtis Granderson to join Eric Young, Jr. and Juan Lagares. The Padres had 2 players lead the team in rbi in Cameron and Giles with 83 and Adrian Gonzalez had 82. They hit 161 homers, led by Gonzalez’ 24, Cameron and Piazza with 22 a piece. Certainly not overwhelming and the fact that much of the offensive production did come from the guys they brought in and past their prime, shows that stranger things do happen every once in a while. The Padres were 26th in runs produced at 4.51/game and they didn’t get on base, with a team OBP of .332, 21st in the league. You go through their lineup and you can see some of the Mets players putting up similar numbers. Cameron was 33 and played his first year with the Padres in 2006 as Granderson is coming to the Mets and the production may be similar. I don’t expect too much from the Mets offensively, but with a few players rebounding can greatly assist in them winning more than another projected sub-80 victorys.

I don’t think the Mets staff will finish number 1 in the league, but, if healthy and their veteran signings  assist in the development in their power arm’s future, they can finish in the top 1/3. That Padres pitching staff was led by Woody Williams with 12 wins, Peavy 11-14, 4.09, Clay Hensley 11-12, 3.71 and Chris Young 11-5, 3.46. Trevor Hoffman saved 46 games.

I am expecting a bounce back from Ike Davis, Curtis Granderson should have a good season and will provide protection for David Wright. Wright has to be healthy for the Mets to succeed as he is great defensively as well and is the face of the organization. Wright’s success will trickle down to Daniel Murphy as well and Met’s fans are eager to see what Travis D’arnaud can bring to the plate and behind it. If you can be lucky enough to get a productive season from Chris Young too, then the Mets can certainly be lucky enough to reach the high 80’s in wins. But, it may be really dreaming too big, to even consider so many things to go well, but it would all make Alderson’s proclamation not seem so far fetched afterall.

Mets to commemorate Kiner and other notes

published Keith Gendron

Kiner Remembered:

The Mets will commemorate Ralph Kiner’s fifty years as their broadcaster, with a patch displayed on the right shoulder of their jersey this year. On opening day at citifield there will also be a tribute unveiled upon the left field wall bearing the logo as well. The Mets have also said there will be an exhibit entitled, “Kiner’s Korner” to be located within Jackie Robinson rotunda.

Harvey arrives in camp:

Matt Harvey arrived at Port St. Lucie, Fla. complex today. Soon after, coming to terms that this spring training will be different. As much as Harvey wants to progress his throwing and rehab program, the Mets brass are hearing none of it. Thinking of the long term health for Harvey and that they and the doctors will be calling the shots on when and how fast he advances. Alderson has said on more than one occasion that this year is NOT about Matt Harvey, but about 2014 and how this team can succeed with the players available on the roster. He is not going to answer questions on a daily basis on Matt Harvey’s progress on rehab and when he will be available to return.

On the Tommy John surgery rehab front, Jeremy Hefner who had the surgery to his pitching arm roughly 2 months earlier than Harvey, has been cleared to begin tossing a baseball. Hefner was 4-8 4.34 era last season with 99 strikeouts in 130.2 innings walking 37.

Valverde always wanted to play in NY:

As per Mike Puma of the NY Post, Jose Valverde says, “New York is awesome. I can go shopping every morning.” If not for his agent Scott Boras, would have signed with the Mets last year but was steered to Detroit.

Ike Davis:

Ike has been hitting since November, to eliminate his sluggish starts to the season. He spent many hours going through video and uncovered an issue with his swing that was not addressed last year. To me, this sounds all positive. I was looking all last fall for information on whether or not Ike was doing anything to get back to where he was a few years ago and to eliminate the bad habits he picked up. He also has said that he wants to be the Mets first baseman. All these things I was hoping to hear. We won’t know what it translates to, but he has the right attitude and seemed self motivated to recapture what he had lost. I look for Davis to return close to form and was glad he wasn’t traded, because he is young(26), talented, he had shown he could perform at this level previously and that he was inexpensive. Not to mention how many times teams give up on young talent too soon and they rediscover the promise and talent elsewhere.

Mets sign utility man Matt Clark

Published by Keith Gendron

As just reported by AP Sports…

The Mets have signed 27-year old, Matt Clark to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. He was drafted in 2008 by San Diego, so you can see where this opportunity is coming from… The familiarity with the Alderson regime. A left handed batting, right handed thrower who played in Japan last year hit 25 homers and drove in 70 while batting .238.

Yes, there is nothing else worth blogging about these days concerning the Mets. Their refinance on the loan they have to pay off their debts? …Totally disinterested.

Alderson thinks its a Joke?

Published by Keith Gendron
Sandy Alderson had the line of the night at the annual New York chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner at the New York Hilton…again. Last year at the same gathering he made reference about the “talent” level of the outfield or the lack there of. Last night ,in reference to the Yankees signing Tanaka and the Mets signing of Matsuzaka he stated, “We each signed Japanese pitchers this week,” Alderson said. “They’re paying $155 million and we’re paying our guy month to month.”
I can feel for him that even as money conscious as he is and trying to get as much as he can from the talent the team has, that he is probably even frustrated that he has his hands tied. I mean, how much longer until he gets a veteran relief arm here. Or, how about that Stephen Drew guy? I don’t mind if it takes some more time with Drew, but you better not lose him out to someone else…say the Yankees! The Yankees have retooled their whole team and look like they have what it takes to return to the top of their division. I can certainly see the Yankees just, ya know..adding Drew as well, because well…they WANT him and are serious in getting to the postseason again.
Last week the Mets supposedly lost out on acquiring, Grant Balfour but offered similar money to the 2 yr/12 million he got from Tampa. So if its true that their is some money left, lets INVEST IT into the team and your fans. Chances are that the Mets will be off the hook for Colons second year of his 2 yr/20 million as I can see him being traded away in August. Chris Young’s 7.25 million is just for this year, so lets get Drew an upgrade to Tejada and get the veteran bullpen arm(kevin gregg, francisco rodriguez etc).