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Mets sign Calero

 The New York Mets upgraded their bullpen today by signing righthander Kiko Calero. Although, he does have a history of shoulder issues and even missed 18 games last year, he has low-risk, high-reward potential. Coming off a 2009 season with the Marlins, he was 2-2 with a 1.95 ERA and 69 K’s in 60 innings while giving up only one homer. The signing is for one year at $850,000 with performance bonuses equaling an additional $ 650,000. Good job, Omar!

Why hasn’t Kiko Calero been signed?

Just wondering. Since Kiko Calero had a
great 2009 season with the Florida Marlins, why hasn’t he
been scooped up yet? Yes he is 35 years old but was 2-2 with
a 1.95 ERA, 69 K in 60 IP and only allowed 36 hits and 1
homer!!! Is his price tag too high? Anyone with information
please let me know.Thanks!