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METBLOGFEVER : Tejada has good game against Braves

published by Keith Gendron         March 20, 2014.

Although springtraining has been going on for over a month, Ruben Tejada played a solid offensive and defensive game for the first time, finally. Maybe a new season had something to do with it. Not baseball season, but today is the first day of Spring. With it usually brings hope, sounds of lawn mowers and birth. Apparently, today it led to the creation of Tejada bearing semblance of a professional ball player. In todays walk-off 7-6 victory over the Atlanta Braves, Rubin Tejada went 3 for 3 at the plate with a double, rbi and wait for it…..flawless defense. The latter being of utmost importance, if he is to stick around in the starting lineup. Playing amidst rumors of the Mets seeking trades with Arizona and Seattle to bring in a young shortstop, Tejada’s defense has been horrible( 4 errors) and equally pathetic his batting( 3 hits) entering today’s game.

I hope the Mets continue considering alternatives to Tejada. But, the Mets do not seem willing to pay Stephen Drew and do not seem open to trading away any of their minor league pitching to acquire Gregorius, Owings or Franklin. So, for one day it isn’t as urgent for Sandy Alderson to find a solution, which may help with negotiating a trade. Arizona is more desperate at this time, since they have lost their ace, Patrick Corbin. They are “all in” for 2014 and could use a dependable veteran arm that eats innings. The Mets have one in Dillon Gee, with being affordable, productive and coming off 199+ innings pitched in 2013. But, with Jon Niese starting the season on the DL to get his pitch count and shoulder strength to where it belongs, the Mets quite possibly may be leaning on Gee for opening day and won’t trade him unless this season spirals out of control, or possibly in 2015.

As per Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News, Jose Reyes gave Tejada a pep talk yesterday and told him to keep working hard despite trade rumors.Hopefully, Tejada can build off this performance and give the team one less thing to deal with short term.

Two weeks until Pitchers & catchers…………….show up?

Its February 1st and pitchers and catchers report in 2 weeks at Port St. Lucie for spring training 2011. The Mets ownership is in the headlines these days moreso than the team. Friday, Fred Wilpon stated that they are looking to take on a partner or two, to buy roughly 25% of the team. This, due to their relationship with convicted ponsey scheemer Bernie Madoff and their apparent successful investments with this felon and their suspiscious selling off shares a few weeks before Madoff was taken down….generally speaking.

New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson has said this situation will have no bearing on his job. The Wilpon’s continue their mantra how none of this will affect future signings along with all other baseball operations and to continue to run the organization,”first class”.

Alderson has already stated that the Mets payroll at roughly 150 million is a higher than they would like to be operating at. So does this mean beginning in 2012(the same year according to the Mayan calender the world will end)that the Mets will not go out and aggressively pursue free agents? If they spend less and spend smart, ok i can deal with that. But, I dont want to see the Mets lose out on free agents because the Braves and Phillies out bid them.

Anyway, maybe this distraction will take any attention, off of the team this year as they try to compete with a rotation that has a few questions at the very least. Carlos Beltran hoping to have a healthy walk year, Jason Bay’s return from a concussion that shortened his difficult first year. And at some point for sure, bidding adieu to Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez(together making 18 million this year).

Jose Reyes is playing out an 11 million option year….will he A. be traded in season to a contender? B.stay for the duration,C. stay healthy or D. have a career year? Well its early yet…the team could actually improve on last seasons 79-83 record. Frankie Rodriguez has a 17.5 million option year for 2012 if he makes a certain amount of appearances this season with a 3.5 million dollar buy-out, so you know the Mets will use him sparingly or trade him during the season. So does Bobby Parnell step up from set up man this year? Does he do the job as set up man this year? Alot of questions going in…So Please stay tuned to upcoming Blogs.