Metblogfever: Outfield wall renovation, the sequel: Positive effect on Mets hitters

The fences being reduced at Citi Field

By Keith Gendron

The Mets unveiled the new outfield wall dimensions in right-centerfield this week, to little fanfare. The biggest alteration is from 390′ to 380′ with lesser change as the wall is constructed towards the rightfield corner. According to Met’s gm, Sandy Alderson the Mets would have cleared the new dimensions for homers 17 times if the change was in effect ¬†for last season. Opponents would have hit 10 additional home runs.

I think with David Wright and Travis d’Arnaud, this change will enhance the Met’s power from the right side of the plate. Wright, if healthy, can go back to what made him a good hitter, instead of trying to pull the ball and think less about his mechanics and just concentrate on hitting. Citifield has been in Wright’s head since it’s inception in 2009. The huge power alleys and the lack of protection, have inhibited Wright’s numbers over the years. With the recent addition of pal Michael Cuddyer from Colorado, the continued growth of Duda and a reunion of Curtis Granderson with new Met’s hitting coach, Kevin Long it seems like their may be more elements than an outfield wall alteration that will lead to more pop in 2015 from the lineup.