Chris Young begins assignment at Vegas

Published by Keith Gendron

Chris Young begins his rehab assignment in Vegas tomorrow. The Mets 7.25 million dollar, right-handed batting outfielder can be re-called from the DL as soon as Friday, the 18th. He hasn’t had any setbacks during his extended spring training games in Florida, but what will Terry Collins decision be with Young’s inevitable return?
Juan Lagares is so valuable defensively and has been a run producer thus far. After a slow start, Eric Young Jr. has become more productive and stole 3 bases in last nights 6-4 victory over the Atlanta Braves.
When Chris Young was signed he was pretty much garaunteed playing time for an opportunity to reclaim a once promising career. By next Friday, Young will have missed 15 games.
My feeling is Collins, as per directives by Sandy Alderson, will give CF to Young and have Lagares fill in on off days for the other two outfielders. It isn’t fair, but as of now if the outfield is healthy, this is how i see the situation is dealt with.

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