Mejia’s turn to get the job done


Published by Keith Gendron

Now that the Nats are out of town, maybe the Mets can brush the dirt off and stand up and try again. Tonite Jenrry Mejia is on the hill vs. the Cincinnati Reds, opening up a 3 game series against another potential playoff team.
Mejia pitched well in spring training and in 5 starts last year before falling to bone spurs in his right elbow. He was awarded a roster spot over Daisuke Matsuzaka just before Monday and if he can stay healthy, will be given an opportunity to show 2013 wasn’t a fluke.
I am hoping due to the horrible inability to get outs by the current bullpen, that the team doesn’t screw with Mejia and move him there. But, if the relief incompetence continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would and promote Dice-K to fill Mejia’s spot in the rotation.
I think they should promote Montero now and let him pitch in relief for now and let him start during the summer. He has a higher innings cap than Syndergaard. But the control factor appears to great for Alderson to concede to common sense.
Another note, of lesser importance is Lucas Duda begins his extended audition as the Mets first baseman tonight.

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