METS: Familia ready to contribute

published by Keith Gendron    March 18, 2014.

At 24, Jeurys Familia may finally be coming into his own. He was clocked at 100 mph last weekend during a game, supposedly tearing Taylor Teagarden’s webbing in his glove. More importantly, for Familia to be successful whether as a relief pitcher or starter is to throw strike one. He has had two brief stints with the Mets in 2012 and 2013 for a combined 23 innings, striking out and walking 18, along with giving up 22 hits and a 5.09 era. His minor league career, consists of six seasons and a 3.9 bb/9 innings. This including 8.3 hits/9 innings is not a good formula for success as a pitcher in the major leagues. It appears in a very limited sample this spring that he has done better at getting ahead of batters and putting himself in a position to succeed. This spring he has earned a spot in the Mets bullpen. After today’s appearance against the Detroit Tigers, he has pitched 7 innings this spring in six appearances. He has walked 2 and given up 2 hits and as a result, has yet to give up a run while striking out 6. Striking out batters has never been the problem for Familia, once he was ahead on a batter. If this can carry over into the regular season, the Mets will be that much better and have an in-house option to setting up Parnell for this season and beyond.

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