Does Niese shoulder the Blame?

published by Keith Gendron March 12, 2014

Last week when news broke about Jon Niese’s left shoulder issue and  was getting sent for an MRI, mets fans and team brass we’re fearing the worst. Niese complained of a “pinching” in his left shoulder and had also reported triceps pain. After the results showed only weakness of the scapula, their was a collective sigh of relief. But, I wanted to know since anything pertaining to the Mets I view with a very critical eye, Why? And how? After Niese’s shoulder issues last summer shut him down for a month or so and diagnosed with a labral tear, he must have been put on an off-season shoulder strengthening regimen, right? To avoid surgery or further tearing the team trainer or strength & conditioning coach would probably set up a plan for him to follow. It would consist of strengthening all the muscles around the joint in question and check on him occasionally to see how everything is progressing, right?

This is exercise physiology/ kinesiology 101 how you would rehab an injury. The fact that  Niese is a major league baseball pitcher(under contract), the Mets’ would surely expect him to do the work necessary to come into camp ready to go and if he takes his career seriously, would do what it takes on his own as well be in communication with the trainer or staff. I even reached out to Matthew Cerrone(SNY)via twitter asking  who he thinks may be the root of this issue, player or trainer? But, I guess maybe he doesn’t share that type of info or is not privileged to it….here is some of that conversation from March 6th

Metblogfever@metblogfeverMar 6

@matthewcerrone in essence Niese didnt take shoulder therapy seriously in offseason, there is no excuse for that, unless the PT isnt legit

Matthew Cerrone@matthewcerroneMar 6

@metblogfever what are you referring to?

Metblogfever@metblogfeverMar 6

@matthewcerrone im sorry, just that im sure he was given exercises to strengthen the entire shoulder in the offseason after last summer

Metblogfever@metblogfeverMar 6

@matthewcerrone and that the scapula is weak, makes me think either he didnt follow the program from trainer or trainer  totally overlooked

Matthew Cerrone@matthewcerroneMar 6

@metblogfever ok. personally, i find it best not to speculate on health and why, since we can’t ever really know and everyone is different.

Metblogfever@metblogfeverMar 6

@matthewcerrone it, but it is basic knowledge to strengthen the whole joint not just the anterior section becuz that was where pain was

Please excuse the caveman technique I had to use to get this twitter conversation placed here, since I couldn’t embed it. But five days later, Mr. Cerrone does everything he just mentioned it is best not to do in speculating on Niese’s health in his blog today at Yes, this part of the blog I am making about me, because I am an amature in blogging and he writes a whole article on what I brought to him last week without giving any credit to me as a source…. Enter tear running down my cheek and tissue box extended….. Point taken and lesson learned.

On Monday Niese was on SNY with Kevin Burkhardt and said,” I had the rotator cuff problem last year and in the off-season it was the only thing he was working on and strengthened that up, but neglected the other things like the scapula”. So again I ask is this an oversight by the training staff or was Niese looking for shortcuts in rehab? Maybe I should speculate health and I have an idea of some of the absurdities that go on regardless of my lack of intimacy with the Mets organization.

Hopefully, Niese can move on from here. He wasn’t effective on Tuesday, clocked between 79-89mph with his fastball. It will take longer than one week to strengthen any weak portion of your body, so if their isn’t any underlying issue structurally, then it will just be a matter of time for him to get ready, but I don’t see him pitching opening day.

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