MLB: making the game safer? or confusing the play at the plate

Well, major league baseball is going to try to put in words, rules governing plays at the plate in the next few days. Today Sandy Alderson tried to explain and show Mets catchers the technique he requests of them, regardless of the rule in order to keep their catching prospect, Travis d’Arnaud healthy and able to play a full season of baseball.

 Anthony DiComo of wrote, Alderson expects a rule to be ratified soon requiring baserunners to slide into
home plate on close plays and, by extension, requiring catchers to leave runners a lane to do so. But a gray area will exist in which catchers need to lunge across the plate to receive a throw, a situation that will be reviewable on instant replay.

This seems extremely tough to call. I understand the need for safety in sports, especially with limiting concussions, but it sounds over the top, micro-managing. I mean, essentially it’s like a play at second base or even third base for that matter, so the same rules should apply. Are they going to call the neighborhood play at the plate? Where the catcher doesn’t REALLY have to touch the base on a force or maybe not even tag the baserunner trying to score at all as long as the ball beats the runner? What if the catcher tags the baserunner too hard when he is sliding home and gets a charlie horse?

Catcher’s typically arent on the DL due to homeplate collisions. It’s due to the nicks and foul balls off of them and being hit by bats. Granted, their are injuries due to collisions at the plate as well but not all of them are at the level of leg breaks such as the one Buster Posey suffered.

Maybe I am the dumbo here and I should just button my lip and wait for the powers that be, make their decision on how this will be written and then enforced. Can you imagine the mayhem this will cause, especially early on in the season? runs being taken away because a slide was questionable in its intention or angle coming in? How about d’Arnaud tags the runner out and the Mets WIN….OH wait, The home plate umpire calls the runner safe, because Travis sort of trespassed onto the sliding path to home and thus interference is called and the METS LOSE!!!!!!! not to mention the baserunner got clay in his eyes! LET THEM PLAY THE GAME!

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