Never too YOUNG for Second Chances

Published by Keith Gendron
   Marlon Byrd was signed by Sandy Alderson last offseason with something to prove after serving a 50 game suspension due to PED use as a Texas Ranger. He needed someone to take a chance on him and after showing life in his bat during winter ball, he received that opportunity and made the most of it. Playing for $700,000 after making $6.5 million the year before in Texas, Byrd put together maybe his most productive season as a 35-year-old finishing with 24 homers 88 rbis .291 avg and a career high .511 slg. Most of this revitalization occurred with the Mets, but was traded down the stretch along with John Buck to the playoff bound Pittsburgh Pirates. Because of last year he got a 2 year contract from Philadelphia worth $16 million.
   Ike Davis is also looking for a second chance to prove he is the ball player the Mets drafted a few years ago with the power bat and steady glove at first base. Mets fans caught glimpses of the man in his rookie year in 2010 and the second half of 2012. I think because of his age(27 by opening day) and salary($3.5 million) for 2014 giving Ike another opportunity makes sense.
   The Mets have also shown faith in second chances by signing Chris Young to a one year deal worth $7,25 million for 2014. This athletic, good defensive outfielder and one time dependable power hitter was slotted in the middle of a fearsome batting order in Arizona with Mark Reynolds and Justin Upton. The past two seasons however, due to injury and not being in the lineup everyday in Oakland in 2013 his performance has suffered. But as a 30 -year-old and coming to the east coast for one year guaranteed he is expected to receive regular playing time once again. Determined to prove he isn’t finished and make other teams eat their words, Chris Young is a good signing and could end up being worth every dollar and then some this season. He is expected to be in a competition in Centerfield with Juan Lagares but will most likely begin at a corner spot. When he has received 500 or more plate appearances the numbers still bear out. Young does strike out an awful lot as does Granderson and Davis. But, with something to prove, practicing more patience at bat his overall numbers should rebound close to all-star caliber. This is what the Mets are banking on for the season anyway. I don’t know if even one of these gambles turns in the Mets favor but everyone at least deserves a second chance.

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