Mets, Murphy and an All-Star Appearance

By Keith Gendron
       Daniel Murphy has been a pretty solid ball player for the New York Mets since he has been in the lineup everyday since 2009.
Earlier, there was the experiment with him in the outfield which proved futile, moved to first base soon after until the arrival of Ike Davis and has found a home at second base the past 2 years, He won’t be winning a gold glove award anytime soon, but he has progressed nicely and is a competent middle infielder,
        Celebrating his 29th birthday on the team’s scheduled off day after the home opener, 2014 may be Daniel Murphy’s break out season. Could an all-star appearance be far away?  Murphy was never drafted for his glove. He is mostly a gap hitter that has done a good job of driving in runs without showing much power. He has averaged 63 rbi the past 4 seasons including one in which he only played 109 games. Last year, he reached career highs with 13 homeruns and 78 rbi in 161 games, including 38 doubles.
With the addition of Curtis Granderson in the lineup for the next 4 years, most likely batting clean up, his presence should have a positive benefit to David Wright and Daniel Murphy before him. This should and could increase the amount of hittable pitches he sees and if he improves his approach at swinging at hitter’s pitches in hitter’s counts, I don’t see why he couldn’t approach 20 hrs and 85 rbi. Only, time will tell. But, Murphy entering the peak years athletically and the addition of another professional bat in the lineup, talk of becoming an all-star for the first time is not a ridiculous conversation.

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