Decision on Hall

One hour remains before the 2013 class  names its Hall of Fame inductees. Many of this years names are from baseball’s steroid era and we will soon find how the Baseball Writers of America view the class that played between 1995-2005. Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds are some of the expected players to be rejected and one Mike Piazza, although not directly linked to performance enhancing drugs(PED’s) or steroids, may also fall short of the 75% of votes needed because he played during this era.

The reults of todays vote will become a topic of discussion for the following weeks leading up to spring training on sports talk radio and media of the like. At one time, fans were only concerned with which cap a player will be wearing. For the not so distant future the discussion will be tainted with should he or not, because of steroid-use.

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