Postseason is Here!….but, not for Mets fans

Well 4 straight seasons now since the Mets last appeared in the post season. While the Phillies and Braves from the NL East get to continue their season with hopes of a ring, the pretenders have gone home to their families to ponder 2010….for a few minutes anyway. The Wilpons on Monday fired their manager of the past 2-1/2 years Jerry Manuel and released GM Omar Minaya.

The organization has roughly the rest of the month to find replacements, that will hopefully reinvigorate the franchise which has known utter disappointment since the last pitch of 2006. The Wilpon’s say the new GM will have full autonomy in running the team, but that also means he will have to run everything through the Wilpons before he can pull the trigger. I dont know who the Mets should get as GM. It has been reported that they have allready narrowed it down to roughly 7 candidates. I know that i like Bobby Valentine and/or Wally Backman as the manager or a similar alternative. Their is some young talent in this organization as seen by the likes of Ruben Tejada, Josh Thole, John Niese, Ike Davis, Dillon Gee and even Lucas Duda.

I would not be objectionable to trading either of their”core” players. Wright is a relative bargain at this time and Reyes has an option for $11 million in 2011. Can Reyes remain healthy? or can they get some proven infielder along with some young arms in return? Beltran’s value is low, so the Mets are on the hook for his $18.5 million next year, but may get some takers if he gets off to a fast start and proves to be healthy. 2011 is his walk year. They need some talented run producers that play the game right and are relentless in their efforts to win….you know, kinda like Wally Backman. Its too soon to know how this whole thing pans out. The pitching did well last year, but they could definitely use another reliable starter…maybe John Maine? hahahaha  Just kidding. All options should be explored and hopefully next season can be a step in the right direction in turning this sinking ship around.

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