1/5 of the season in the bag, so……

Well, Its true…The Mets are 17-15 in the first fifth of the season. At this rate, this would produce a roughly a 85 win season. Surprise? not really. If not for an 8 game winning streak(ended by the Phillies) a week and a half ago, this team has been playing sub. 500 ball. But, they did win 8 in a row and it all counts. Of course what the Mets and any other team have done thus far doesn’t predict their finish at their end. It gives you a glimpse of what they have done to this point. At this pace the Nationals will win 90!…really? Yeah, Dont think so! But a good start gives the contenders a springboard towards bigger things and the pretenders? well…something to believe in.

Coming out of spring training the Mets figured their offense would be carrying them and their pitching was very questionable….who was going to step up in that bullpen and rotation? Well, their record is not a surprise, but their overall ineptness at times to put two hits together and drive in runs, has. Along with a pitching staff and bullpen that sports the best ERA in the NL East and fourth in the National League at 3.58. How are they above .500 with Jose Reyes batting under . 240 and batting 3rd, Jason Bay with 1 homerun at cleanup, No Carlos Beltran…YET (Has he retired?) David Wright on pace to strike out over 200 times and Johan Santana pitching like a number 3 with an ERA hovering around 4.50 ? Well, Mike Pelfrey has been a pleasant surprise with a 4-1 record and 2.65 ERA, Jonothan Neise has pitched very well in his first full season and a 3.60 ERA. John Maine has pitched well in his last three starts and is averaging almost 9 k’s per 9 innings pitched. The relief corp as a whole and each guy individually has pitched excellent.The catching tandem of Rod Barajas with his 9 homeruns has saved a bunch of games, as well as Henry Blanco with throwing out 100% of base stealers.They have also played pretty solid defense.

So, who knows in one-fifth of the season what to expect the rest of the way. You expect things to level out. The offense has to turn it around right? But, doesnt that mean the pitching will come back to reality too? There is no way in the world that this staff will lead the NL East in pitching. But, since its only 32 games old, this season still is relevant because the Mets are 17-15 and their is hope that the pitching will hold on and not drop too much, while we expect the offense to wake up and throw some crooked numbers on the scoreboard. Afterall, with all their injuries last year they tied for the best batting average in the National League.

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